Does your business advertise and market its products or services to consumers?  If the answer is yes, you may have to defend yourself against a Consumer Protection Class Action.  Every state is different, but every one of them has a Consumer Protection Statute which protects its residents/consumers from false, misleading and untrue advertising.  When your company decides to start advertising and marketing to the masses, be sure that the language you use to bring in those customers has been reviewed by a competent lawyer to ensure the language doesn’t come back and haunt you.

The Attorneys at Oliver Law Group have extensive experience and expertise in reviewing businesses’ advertising and marketing language to ensure that a consumer protection class action doesn’t come in and take all the profits away from that campaign.  The Attorneys at Oliver Law Group will take the time to understand your business and make sure that your message comes glaring through, without opening your company up to liability.  That’s truly the difference between the Oliver Law Group and other attorneys; we take the time to understand your business.  We believe that is the only way we can find creative solutions to finding the balance between protecting your business from Consumer Protection claims and getting your message to the masses.

Labeling and Warnings

  • If you are a company looking to market a particular product, State and Federal Laws may require that your company’s product contain specific labels or warnings. Our firm’s experience in product liability enables us to conduct an efficient, yet thorough analysis of your product and marketing materials, in order to ensure your company is protected.


  • The United States Food and Drug Administration is responsible for overseeing regulations on foods and beverages, prescription and non-prescription drugs, vaccines and biologics, medical devices, cosmetics, veterinary products, tobacco products, and even some electronic products. These products are regulated though a series of complex state and federal laws. Our firm is experienced with these laws and knows how to properly navigate and interpret these regulations in order to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of our clients.

Federal/State Law

  • Our corporate law practice focuses on helping companies, large and small, avoid and overcome the labor and regulatory compliance issues they are faced with. Our attorneys are experienced in defense litigation but focus on the avoidance of these kinds of lawsuits through audit and best practices consulting. We work with Human Resource Executives, General Council, and Entrepreneurs that are building or maintaining teams of people and products.

If your business is adopting new business policies and practices, launching a new product, or running a new marketing campaign, contact the Attorneys at Oliver Law Group to ensure compliance and results that will profit your company well into the future.