Financial Law

Financial Law

Financial laws and regulations protect businesses and the financial interests of companies and individual investors. In response to the recent financial crisis, financial laws and regulations are now a significant part of any business transaction. Oliver Law Group has represented clients regarding a number of financial based claims and is experienced at navigating the ever-changing financial laws and regulations that affect a broad spectrum of businesses today.

Whether you are investigating a claim or potential lawsuit, or would like to meet with an attorney to gain a better understanding of the financial laws and regulations that are affecting your business practices, Oliver Law Group can help. Contact us today.

Antitrust Law

Do you feel you are overpaying for certain products, services, or supplies? Do you suspect you may be incurring unnecessary debt because of an industry that you rely on in the operation of your business? If so, your business may be a victim of anti-competitive behavior and unfair competition. Or you may be the target of an antitrust lawsuit and need experienced and intelligent legal counsel.

State and Federal Antitrust laws exist to regulate companies against a number of anti-competitive behaviors including: cartel formation, collusion, restrictive practices, price fixing, and monopolization of markets.

The nature of an anti-trust claim can be very complex and difficult to demonstrate. Oliver Law Group has represented clients in national anti-trust suits and is experienced in litigating anti-trust claims. We understand the complexity associated with bringing an anti-trust claim along with the profound impact that anticompetitive behavior can have on a business. This experience also helps us to correctly defend an antitrust case brought against your firm. If you suspect your business may be affected by anticompetitive behavior or price fixing in any way, or are the target of an antitrust lawsuit and need experienced legal counsel, contact us today to discuss your options.

Investor, Health, and Welfare Funds

Investor Funds including, Pension Plans, Hedge Funds, Retirement Accounts, 401(k)s, and Health and Welfare Funds, are regulated by contractual agreements in addition to federal and state regulations. Unfortunately, business disputes and uncertain business environments can result in the mismanagement of investor funds.

The mismanagement of investor funds presents significant challenges to businesses and employees. Occasionally, mismanagement begins as a small error yet has significant consequences in later years. If you have reason to suspect that accounts were co-mingled, information was released without authorization, transactions were not accounted for, there was a breach of fiduciary duties, or violations of the law occurred, your business’ fund may have been mismanaged.

Contact the Oliver Law Group if you suspect fund mismanagement or have questions relating to a possible claim. We can represent your company in litigation and protect you against financial loss.